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The PIANETA VERDE (Green Planet) company has been created in order to make the surrounding landscape more beautiful.
We are specialized in planning and taking care of gardens. We use plants and flowers of different species cultivated in Italien nurseries: ornamental shrubs, creepers, conifers, ornamental plants, perennial herbage and fruit - plants.

We are organized to offer a service of planned maintenance which allows you to have a garden always in order all year round and also to know when it's time to look after it. That will help us and you, above all, in the organisation and planning of the work.
Our company has professional means and workers with professional competence who, thanks to their multi - year experience, can offer you specialized technical advice about the methods of plantation, pruning and treatment autdoor.

We would be delighted to meet you to consider the work to be done and - under no obligation - to budget a suitable program.

That way of working assures an operative affectiveness to us and satisfactory results to you.

  If you want to be happy for 3 hours, get drunk;
if you want to be happy for 3 days, kill a pig;
if you want to be happy for 3 weeks, go on a journey;
if you want to be happy for 3 months, fall in love;
if you want to be happy for 3 years, get married;
if you want to be happy for ever, take care of your garden.

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